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oh my heart...  leaving in wonders..why and when... such a tired game.. keep passing excuses to each other..
if only you... or if only me.. know that it would have end in this kind of way... surely i'll never let my heart know you..
just for a second you unlock my heart.. you entered it .. then you lock it again... you leave my heart...with the key..
now...your heart trapped in my heart...  you and i... seems beautiful..but it isn`t.. we...would never exist.. 
you are too cruel..  you have so much heart... you keep leaving it..and you don't take it.. you left your heart to me...and you give it to the others too..
so unfair... whether it was me or they come first?  so funny..coz it's not only me who doesnt know the answer.. you..too..dont know it...