crystal tear..

being kicked by someone you love..
hurt isnt it?

heart being ripped..
sole being drag,,'

emotion going wild..
life become meaningless

tears dropping...
same as the rain...

kindness being toyed
tired become meaningless

feeling low..
so low...
too low..

cant i go?
to somewhere with joy

no.. i cant..
if i go..somebody else will replace me

she will feel the same way like me
feeling threatened..

let me only feel the pain...

dissappear with the pain...

today.. as i wake up.. it`s all in a big mess...
again .. today i keep thinking about you...

the one who hurt my heart so much...
the one who broke me inside...

the one who gave me the hope..yet you destroy it...
sometimes i think whether it was me or you who was not worth enough to defend this love..

should i call it as love?
what kind of love are you trying yo give to me?

you just give me the pain.. 
people say that times will heal it..
it`s true that times heal my pain..

but..why then you must come again... broke my heart again... left.. the scar that you left me before are still bleeding
but why must you added the pain? 

today... i promise myself... 
i`ll cry out.. to vanish the pain..
to remove you from my heart..
to forget you...

i believe that time will heal my heart..
i know that in this rough journey.. 
i may will meet you again...

but today.. i promise to my ownself..
that i`ll really throw you out far far far away from my life....
i`ll try to forget all of the memory...

all …


oh my heart...  leaving in wonders..why and when... such a tired game.. keep passing excuses to each other..
if only you... or if only me.. know that it would have end in this kind of way... surely i'll never let my heart know you..
just for a second you unlock my heart.. you entered it .. then you lock it again... you leave my heart...with the key..
now...your heart trapped in my heart...  you and i... seems beautiful..but it isn`t.. we...would never exist.. 
you are too cruel..  you have so much heart... you keep leaving it..and you don't take it.. you left your heart to me...and you give it to the others too..
so unfair... whether it was me or they come first?  so funny..coz it's not only me who doesnt know the answer.. you..too..dont know it...


Watch "[06.12.27] BEG at Joe bar Live - Emotion" on YouTube
one of ly fv songs right now..
it make me recall all of my sad sad

batu burok

pemandangan di batu burok...
pergi relaks with ma fmily..
just enjoy the scenery


it hurts when you left me...
but it become hurter when you come back to would be better if u just go away from me...
not just for today...
but its forever....


hari ini masih seperti semalam,
berjalan melaluimu tanpa kau sedari,
aku berdiri di sisimu, juga tanpa kau sedari.

melihatmu, aku tersenyum,
juga tanpa kau sedari...
hati ini mengingatmu juga tanpa kau mahupun aku sedari..

kini, kau mula menyedari kewujudan aku,
namun, aku sudah mula menghilang,
kau berjalan melaluiku, tanpa ku sedari,
kau berdiri disisiku, tanpa ku sedari,

kau melihatku, lalu tersenyum , 
juga tanpa ku sedari..
hatimu mengingatku juga tanpa aku mahupu kau sedari,

lalu, kau mula menghampiriku,
tetapi mengapa?...
selangkah kau maju ke arahku..
aku mula berundur selangkah ke belakang darimu..

apabila kau menghampiriku,
aku  mula menjauhimu,
apabila kau berbicara denganku,
hati kosong..

ini kerana...
kerana kau bukan. lagi sebahagian dari aku..
bukan lagi orang yang dulu jika hanya melihatmu aku tersenyum..
karna kau bukan ..
aku mengucapkan selamat tinggal...
ini  bukanlah perpisahan, kerana kisah kita tidak pernah bermula..